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Release Date: July 9, 2004

TO: All Interested Parties

RE: Fiscal Year 2005–2006 Trial Court Budget Development Process

Under Rule 6.620 of the California Rules of Court, the Judicial Council is required to establish responsible fiscal priorities that best enable the judiciary to achieve its goals and to develop the budget of the judiciary based upon these priorities and the needs of the courts. At its February 27, 2004, business meeting, the Judicial Council approved the following statewide budget priorities for trial courts for fiscal year (FY) 2005–2006:

  • Trial Court Staff Negotiated Salary Increases (NSIs) and Benefits;
  • Trial Court Staff Retirement;
  • Trial Court Workers’ Compensation Program Cost Increases;
  • Security NSIs, Retirement, and Other Benefits;
  • Increased Charges for County Provided Services;
  • Court Interpreters’ Workload Growth;
  • Capital Outlay – Trial Court Facilities; and
  • Court-Appointed Counsel.

As part of the FY 2005–2006 budget development process, the Administrative Office of the Courts recently requested that all state trial courts report cost information for each of the priority areas listed above. This information will be reviewed and submitted, as appropriate, to the Judicial Council for consideration and approval. Approved items may then be submitted to the state Department of Finance in September 2004 as part of the overall judicial branch budget package.

If you have any questions or comments regarding information contained in this release, please contact Bob Fleshman at 415-865-7531 or via e-mail at

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