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Before taking a Court Tour, it is important for students to understand something of the etiquette required in court. Educators are encouraged to talk to students about these "courthouse do's and don'ts" prior to their tour.

  • DO speak softly and maintain a professional demeanor in the hallways and stairwells of the Courthouse.
  • DON'T speak in the courtroom during a court proceeding.
  • DO remember that the bathrooms are located on the second floor near the elevators.
  • DON'T bring heavy backpacks or totes into the Courthouse as this delays the security processes.
  • DO be respectful to the judge; address him or her as "your honor" or "judge."
  • DON'T chew gum in the courtrooms.
  • DO turn pagers and cellular telephones off while visiting the Courthouse.
  • DON'T bring food or beverages into a courtroom.
  • DO dress appropriately; this is a professional setting and you are encouraged to dress accordingly.
  • DON'T repeat to your fellow students what you heard in the courtroom while still in the Courthouse; there may be jurors, attorneys, or parties to the case that may hear information from you that they are not allowed to hear.
  • DO bring pens or pencils and paper to take notes; there's a lot to learn from a visit to the Courthouse, and students are encouraged to take notes of their observations.

Additional Web Sites To Help Prepare For Your Court Tour

To prepare for your visit to the Court or to further pursue information on children and the justice system, educators and students are invited to view the web sites below.

  • American Bar Association, Division for Public Education
  • State Bar of California, Kids & the Law
  • Judicial Council of California, Administrative Office of the Courts, Center for Families, Children, and the Courts
  • Court TV/Teen Court TV


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