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Superior Court of California,
County of Glenn


Ask the Court

Column #6

Question: What experience, education, and training do you have to have to become a court clerk?
--Anonymous, Orland.

Answer: The majority of staff employed at the Glenn County Superior Court fall under the job classification of court clerk. The title of court clerk varies from county to county, but essentially, their duties are the same.

A court clerk is a sworn officer of the court and is a deputy of the clerk of the court/court executive officer. The clerk of te coourt is appointed by the judges of the court and assists the presiding judge in the efficient operation of the court. As such, court clerk deputies maintain the courts records, file documents and keep records of court proceedings, for example.

To begin as an entry level clerk, the position requires that the prospective employee: 1) have one year of general clerical experience, preferably in a legal or criminal justice office, and 2) have an educational background equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade. After this criterion is met, applicants are subject to testing and oral interviews to select the most qualified candidates. Additional training such as working in another court or criminal justice office for a number of years may qualify the candidate for a higher level court clerk position, such as a Clerk II or III.

Once the prospective employee is offered a position with the court, they must successfully pass a drug test, as well as criminal and Department of Motor Vehicle background checks.

In addition to these requirements Clerks must hold themselves to a higher standard by following the California Clerk’s Code of Ethics. Clerks must also be able to hold confidences, keep confidential matters and understand the importance of their work. Clerks process paperwork that may deprive a person of their liberty, release inmates from custody, evict someone from their property, or process domestic violence orders impacting a person’s safety, etc. As a result, the work is challenging and offers little room for error. 

To work as a court clerk is a unique and rewarding career. Over the next five years, many clerks and court personnel will be retiring, leaving open employment opportunities for those interested in a career in public service.Please check the Job Opportunity page on this website, if you are interested in working for the court.

Ask the Court is written by Glenn County Superior Court administration staff. E-mail questions to or mail to

Glenn County Superior Court,
Attn: Ask the Court,
526 W. Sycamore St.,
Willows, CA 95988.

Questions may be submitted anonymously.

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