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Superior Court of California,
County of Glenn


Ask the Court

Column #2

Question: Please help! I need to get custody and child support for my two children and would like to file for a legal separation. I cannot afford an attorney. Is there anywhere that I can go to get legal help?
--Anonymous, Willows, CA.

Answer: Yes! Did you know that every county in California has a family law attorney- called a Family Law Facilitator- that works for the courts to assist court customers with their family law issues? While most Family Law Facilitators are limited in the scope of what they may help you with, they all are able to help with child support issues, including helping you to complete the proper legal court forms. Glenn County’s Family Law Facilitator also assists with legal separation and custody. While the facilitator will not represent you or be your attorney, you can definitely use the free services to understand the process and complete the necessary legal forms. To make an appointment with the family law facilitator in Willows, please contact (530) 934-7304. The family law facilitator is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

In addition to the Family Law Facilitator services, Glenn Superior Court operates a Self Help Center, with four offices, including one in Willows. The Self-Help Center would be happy to help you with your family law issues, making sure you file and complete the correct paperwork. They will give you the proper information to walk you through the process on your own. They assist self-represented court customers with a variety of issues, including: custody, paternity, divorce/legal separation, name changes, small claims, evictions, expungements, restraining orders, guardianships, petitions to modify current family law orders, etc. They are available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Do you have questions that you want the Court to answer? Please email them to or mail them to Glenn County Superior Court, Attn: Ask the Court, 526 W. Sycamore Street, Willows, CA 95988. Questions may be submitted anonymously.


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