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Q: How did my name get selected for jury duty?

  • A: Jurors’ names are selected at random from DMV and Voter Registration. Be aware, if your name is for example “John Paul Jones on one list and “John P. Jones” on another list, the computer assumes you are two people, and you may receive a second notice. If you do receive another notice, please let us know.

Q: How long will my name be on the prospective jurors’ list?

  • A: Your name will remain on the county juror list for one fiscal year (July through June). You may be called at any time during that year. Glenn County has implemented the “One Day/One Trial!” system wherein once you have appeared in court as a juror, whether you are selected to sit on a jury panel or excused, you will not be called upon again that year. You can be called for jury duty every other year; however, this usually does not occur.

Q: Will I receive compensation for appearing as a juror?

  • A: All jurors who appear, whether selected to sit on a jury panel or excused, will receive $15 per day starting with the second day of service as juror fees plus round trip mileage at the rate as authorized by the Internal Revenue Service. You are entitled to mileage to the courthouse for the first day of service. If you are excused on the first day, you may obtain your mileage from the Clerk’s Office. The fee must be collected on the day of service or will be deemed waived. You can obtain a juror attendance verification for your employer from the Clerk’s Office. If you are a government employee (federal, state, county, and city), you will need to obtain a verification form for each day you are present. Your employer will pay your day’s wages when you give them your jury payment and verification form. Juror payroll is processed at the completion of the trial. Your check should arrive in approximately two weeks.

Q: What if I wish to be deferred due to a hardship?

  • A: On the day you are summoned, the judge will inform the group of the expected length of the trial. If the length of the trial will cause a hardship due to a prior commitment or for financial reasons, you may ask the judge to be excused. Your request will be granted or denied at the judge’s discretion.

Q: Does the court have any assistive listening devices if I have a hard time hearing?

  • A: Each courtroom is equipped with a Assisted Listening Devices-(ALD). The wireless receivers will allow a person to sit anywhere in the courtroom and hear the proceedings. They may be used by persons who do or do not have hearing aids. Should you wish to use this assisted listening device, please advise the court attendant or bailiff.

Q: I just realized I did not return the paperwork within 5 days. Am I going to be fined?

  • A: No. If you are asking to be postponed or excused, return the paperwork as soon as possible. If you are going to serve within the next week, bring your paperwork in on the day you report. Otherwise, mail it now so that we can process it.

Q: A Summons/Juror Questionnaire was sent to my old address. I don't live there anymore. What should I do?

  • A: Contact the clerk’s office at the courthouse.

Q: What happens if I can't report on that day because I have been called for a doctor’s appointment?

  • A: Contact the jury clerk at the courthouse.

Q: I am not a Citizen of the United States. Why did I receive a Jury Summons?

  • A: Anyone who possesses a California Driver License or Identification Card can receive a summons. Jury Summonses are sent out at random from a list of registered California residents provided to us by the DMV. If you are not a citizen, please fill out the affidavit explaining this and mail it back to us in the envelope provided. When we receive your paperwork, we will excuse you from your summons.

Q: What time are the jurors supposed to report?

  • A: 9:00 a.m.

Q: Is there a maximum age limit?

  • A: There is no maximum age limit. If you are physically or mentally capable, then we would ask that you come in. If you do not feel capable you may be excused if you are over 70 years of age.


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