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Q: What types of cases are handled by the Court?

  • A: The Court is responsible for civil, family law (divorce, legal separation, and child custody matters), probate, small claims, criminal (both felony and misdemeanors), and traffic. The Court also handles confidential categories, such as juvenile, paternity, adoption, and mental health.

Q: How do I look up a case? Do I need to know the case number?

Q: How far back does the court search?

  • A: Some superior court records are kept from 1873 to present. Limited jurisdiction records are searched back seven (7) years.

Q: Do I need to come in to get this information?

  • A: You may request this information through the mail. Include the name you want searched, the type of case involved, and the approximate date of the case. Also include the search fee and any copy fees, and a self addressed envelope. If you are not sure of the number of pages that you will need copies of, you can send in a check and write "check not to exceed $20.00," and we will fill in the exact amount. Please allow five (5) working days for the search to be completed.
  • Click Here For A Printable Civil Filing and Appearance Fees List

Q: What if I want copies?

Q: How may I pay for services?

  • A: Services may be paid in cash, check, and money order.

Q: Is there a waiting period to view case files?

  • A: A portion of our cases is kept at an offsite storage facility. Some of these cases are available on microfilm. For cases kept at offsite, there is a two day waiting period. For cases kept in the Records office, there is no waiting period unless the case is in one of the courtrooms.

Q: Are all cases public record?

  • A: Certain case categories are not for public inspection, such as adoption, paternity, juvenile, and mental health. Other categories, unless ordered sealed, are open for public inspection. There might be instances where certain documents are not for public view, such as police reports. The clerk will be able to answer any specific questions you may have regarding confidential cases and documents.


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