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Q: What is the fee for filing a civil case?


Click Here For A Printable Civil Filing and Appearance Fees List

Q: What forms are required to file a complaint?

  • A: The Complaint, Summons, and Civil Case Cover Sheet are required at the time of initial filing.

Q: What is the fastest way for me to get the forms and are they available on the Internet?

  • A: Forms are available from the forms clerk at the clerk’s office. You can also request the forms by mailing a check plus a stamped self-addressed envelope to the clerk's office with a description of which forms you need. Forms can also be obtained at the AOC website or at this website by visiting the Local Forms section.

Q: How much do forms cost?

  • A: The cost is 10 cents per form plus tax, at the court.

Q: How must the defendant be served with my complaint?

  • A: The summons and complaint may be served by a Sheriff, Marshal, registered process server, or anyone over the age of 18 who is not a party to the action. The party performing the service must complete and sign a proof of service form. The original proof of service must be filed with the court before a judgment can be obtained against the defendant.

Q: How do I respond to a complaint?

  • A: If you have been served with a summons and complaint and want to respond, forms are available at the clerk's office. A five-day summons requires an immediate response. Be sure to the let the clerk know which type of summons and complaint has been served on you. Failure to file a response may lead to a judgment being entered against you.
  • Click Here For A Printable Civil Filing and Appearance Fees List

Q: What is the fee for filing a motion?

Q: Does the court allow telephonic appearances and is there a form?

  • A: Contact the courts for specifics.

Q: Is my hearing still on calendar?

  • A: This information is not available over the Internet, you must contact the clerk's office.

Q: How do I file a petition for Change of Name?

  • A: Petition for Change of Name packets are available from the forms clerk with all the necessary forms and information included. Multiple family members may file in the same case. The filing fee is $214.00. Parties must publish a notice in a newspaper of general circulation for four weeks, the fee is determined by the newspaper.

Q: Where can I get legal help?

  • A: Brochures, which provide information on free or low cost legal assistance, are available in the clerks office.


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